Nannetta is a brand of baby clothes designed in the Principality of Monaco.
After having worked in some of the most famous Parisian haute couture « maison », Clara, the founder, decided to launch her own brand.

At Nannetta, we design all year round seasonal clothing made exclusively of noble, natural and eco-friendly materials.
Because we love originality and rarity, we make limited collections, so Nannetta’ babies stand out with their unique style.

Nannetta creates chic and elegant collections where traditional knowledge and sense of details are combined for the comfort of your little ones.


As a teenager, Clara would often stay and endlessely listen to her grandfather and the stories he would tell her about the years gone, spent with his wife Anna and the memories of their family life together.
Few years later, talking about the project to create her own brand, her grandfather told her about his wife’s talent for sewing and design

To ensure that her four children were always well dressed, Anna took time to create clothes for them.
She would go out, buy fabrics and, with her imagination, she would sew her models of a style unique. She would do so well and impress the other women in the neighbourhood, that they began to ask her for help.

Touched by this family story, Clara decided to name her brand of children clothes after her grandmother's nickname. And so Nannetta was born.